The Journal of Contemporary Heathen Thought [Title]


Volume two of the journal is now available for purchase from our Creatspace store and on Amazon .  Volume two's contents include:
  • Guido von List's "On the German Priesthood of Wuotan"
  • Friedrich Bernhard Marby's "The Origins of Matter"
  • Žorbert Lķnleįh's "Huuetstźneslioth"
  • Stephen M. Borthwick's "The Natural Order of the Ensouled Folk" and "Against the Primitivists"
  • Christopher A. Plaisance's "The Emergent Hierarchy"
  • Kris Stevenson's "Hero, Anti-Hero, Villain"
  • Zacrey Monte Hansen's "Entropy Personified"
  • Stephen Pollington's "The Horned Man"
  • Interviews with Stefn Thorsman and Ed LeBouthillier, Bron Taylor, and John Michael Greer
  • A selection of book reviews
  • And cover art by Arrowyn Craban-Lauer

Volume one of the journal is now available for purchase from our Creatspace store , , and a growing selection of book stores.  Volume one's contents include:
  • Alain de Benoist's Intolerance and Religion
  • Stephen M. Borthwick's Hermann Awakened: Folkishness vs. Racism
  • Dan Cęppe's Wandering the Nine Worlds: Heathenism's Shamanic Origins
  • Juleigh Howard-Hobson's The Feminine in the Post-Modern Age: How Feminism Negates Folkways
  • Henry Lauer's Cognitive Bias and Contemporary Heathenry
  • Loddfafner's When the Gods Speak Back: A Heathen Perspective on Gardening
  • Christopher A. Plaisance's Why I am a Heathen
  • Steven Robinson's Thoughts on Poetry
  • Kris Stevenson's An Interpretation of Germanic Mythology
  • Hunter Yoder's Magic Plants Used Symbolically in Germanic Heathen Hexology
  • Selected poetry from Xenia Bakran-Sunic, Juleigh Howard-Hobson, Steven Robinson and Troy Wisehart
  • An interview with Neofolk musicians Sonne Hagal
  • And a selection of book reviews

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