Christopher A. Plaisance , Editor in Chief , is a graduate student at the University of Exeter's Center for the Study of Esotericism. He holds a BA in philosophy from the American Military University and an AA in Mandarin Chinese from the Defense Language Institute. His current research interests include Neoplatonic theories of sacrifice as applied to contemporary polytheistic praxis, the dual current of the psychologization of religion and the sacralization of psychology, and the history of the development of the ideas of tutelary Gods in Western Esotericism.

Vincent Rex Soden , Editor , studied European History, Philosophy and the German language at Temple University in Philadelphia. His interests in history and philosophy led him to the study of the pre-Christian beliefs of Northern Europe. The works of J.R.R. Tolkien, in which he sought to envision the myth and lore of the Anglo-Saxons prior to the Norman conquest of England, have also resonated deeply with him. Vince now learns as much as he can about the pre-Christian faith of his forefathers through reading and conversations with like-minded individuals such as those involved with the production of this journal. He was born and raised in Pennsylvania.

Ben McGarr , Editor , is a writer on local history for whom the landscape of his native North West England is his chief inspiration. He read Anthropology and Archaeology at Durham University, after which Wanderlust led him to spend the next seven years working and traveling in Russia. Translation of Russian works on Eurasian history and ancient Slavonic Paganism takes pride of place among his ongoing projects, for its own intrinsic interest as well as the benefit that might accrue to the Heathen movement from the greater accessibility of such a rich resource of cognates and comparisons. He divides his time between Devon, Manchester and Granada.