Call for Papers

In keeping with volume two's announcement that all future volumes of The Journal of Contemporary Heathen Thought will host a "Special Feature" section, we would like to announce volume three’s focus: Women and Modern Heathenry. With this area of focus, what we are looking for are papers which examine the role that women play in modern Heathenry in terms of JOCHT 's domain. This could include anything from etic descriptions of the issues surrounding women in Heathendom today, well argued emic models of what ought to be the case, theological accounts of the differences between Wiccan and Heathen views of the feminine, and so on. Also, we continually accept submissions of a general nature within the domains of Religious Studies, Theology, and Philosophy, as well as reviews of recently published books or other media of interest to the journal's mission and readership.

Submission Requirements

JOCHT is an English language publication, which adheres to North American spelling and punctuation conventions. All articles must be submitted either as OpenOffice (this is the preferred format) or Microsoft Word documents. There is no set minimum or maximum length for submissions, but the average essay length is between 5,000 and 10,000 words — with book reviews averaging 1,000 to 2,000 words. In all cases, the length of the piece being submitted should be proportional to the content’s depth and complexity. All citations must be prepared according to the Chicago (aka Turabian) style , the details of which may be found in The Chicago Manual of Style . Furthermore, all citations are to be done using footnotes, not endnotes or parentheticals. All artwork, tables and/or figures which are not created indigenously within the text editor (i.e. any objects which are files inserted into the document) must be submitted as separate files. Place indicators in the body of the text as to where such visuals are to appear. Any graphics must be of high resolution, 300dpi or greater, so as not to be pixelated when printed. Additionally, any such pictures, if not the property of the author, must be properly cited. Any further questions regarding the appropriateness of a topic, formatting requirements, etc. should be directed to the editorial staff. Questions and submissions may be sent to: [email protected]

Peer Review Process

All submissions are evaluated through a rigorous blind peer review process, by a panel of academic professionals whose areas of expertise include: Religious Studies, Theology, History, Sociology, Folklore, and Psychology (all of whom either hold terminal degrees, or are candidates for such). While JOCHT is not a professional journal (i.e one whose content were composed of wholly original research done at the doctoral level), its orientation is academic. Content submitted for volume three (and future editions) will be expected to adhere to the level of academic standards proper to that of an upper division undergraduate or graduate paper. The steps in our peer review process are: