The essay about heathen

The Cambridge dictionary presents several meanings of the term “Heathen”. The word was used in the past for those folks or their style of living, ideology, and activities who do not belong to any religion. The term “Heathen” is also used for people who behave in an educated manner.
The term is primarily derived from the Hebrew word “goyim” which means “nation” or “all the nations” other than people of Israel, who are not Jewish and are unaware of the existence and truthfulness of God.
Nowadays this word is used for a pagan or someone who does not have any faith, in simple, he/ she is an unbeliever. People use it to explain any bad, unspiritual or nonreligious activity. For example, let say adultery is regarded as sinful in almost every religion of the word. The books of Christians, the Bible, and the Holy Quran of Muslims clearly explain this act as prohibited and severely punished. Now, if someone believes, involves in the activities, or commits this act openly without any regarding or thinking of it as sinful, he or she will be regarded as a Heathen. People also used it for a group of people or nation who lag in technology or economic development.
Now, if we refer to the modern interpretation of this word, that is pagan, then these are the people who live outside the traditional boundaries of religion. but there is a certain distinction even between these two terms and the word atheism as well. Pagans are polytheist or any person who does not believe in the unity of God but have several gods. They may think there is one supreme God. It is not an absolute one religion like Islam or Christianity, but these are all those people who are polytheists and have different Gods. Whereas a heathen is anyone who is outside the belief of one religion. For example, for a Muslim who believes in the One God, Allah would consider all others without this belief as heathen. They can be Christians or Jews or Buddhists. They will consider them anyone holding any other beliefs outside their religion. The same is the case with Christians - for them, anyone who does not believe or contradict in the concept of Trinity is a Heathen. Now you may think of Heathen confused with new terminology, that is atheist. An atheist is different, they do not believe in God at all. They do not believe in any illogical, without evidence fact that people belonging to religion has faith. If you are studying in-depth the subject of comparative religions, and you find it confusing for you, there are several experts in this subject available at essay writing companies at reasonable rates and with a high quality of output. Just go through the reviews before you assign the essay to someone, for example, here unemployedprofessors review reddit, or boost my grade reviews, or If you want to see more reviews, and then make an informed decision about any of your future assignment which is complicated and difficult to handle, you can even visit or see top essay writing services reviews
From the above definition, we can clearly make a distinction amongst pagans, heathens, atheists, and those who believe in God. Heathens in the modern sense are used for any people or nation or group who are nonbelievers as considered by the Muslims, Christians, Jews, and Buddhists.